Do You Need to Evaluate Your Sales Force?

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Sales performance/revenue is lagging
You have questions about the effectiveness of sales management
You have concerns over sales selection/hiring
You're thinking about scaling your sales force
You're going to hire a Sales Manager, Sales VP, Sales Director
You're about to hire a large number of new salespeople
You're performing due diligence before/after a merger
You evaluated your sales force 9-15 months ago and want to know how they've improved
You want to accelerate growth
Your company is planning sales/sales management/sales leadership development/training/coaching
You want to know if you have the right people in the right roles
Your company is transitioning from a transactional model to a consultative or solution based model
You want your sales force to hunt for more new business
You want to know how much better your existing sales force can be
You have given up on (or supported) non-performers and you want to validate your instincts
You need to know if the sales organization can execute your strategies
You want to know if your sales management team is aligned on strategy
You need an objective pipeline analysis
You have sales teams that underperform compared with others
You want to know why you are losing business to the competition