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Lead Generation – Which Sources Convert to Sales?

Recently, I’ve been doing some consulting to help a company optimize their B2B lead generation program.  This company is a successful services firm currently struggling to meet their new customer acquisition growth goals.  Their questions were: Which lead generation activities convert into more sales? Are we investing in the right lead generation activities? How many […]

Measure Twice, Cut Once

When carpenters decide to cut a piece of wood there’s always the practice of measure twice, cut once.  It takes a bit longer, but it saves time in the long run.  It also reduces waste and helps the project come in on-time and on-budget.  According to the Idaho Forest Products Commission, a typical 2,400 square […]

Getting Picked!

When I was a kid we all knew where to find the best pick-up basketball games.  Usually, it was in someone’s driveway or at the city’s outdoor basketball courts.  Once there were enough of us shooting around, a pick-up game would be started.  Everyone knew what skills and how good each of us could play […]

“Listen, Everyone, Just Do What She Does!”

  On every sales team there are the top sales producers that management wants everyone to be like.  The top of your sales department is closing sales and meeting quota.  I remember working at an independent sales agency that represented electronic and electrical manufacturers.  The agency’s top producers met and exceeded the expectations of the […]

Sales Plays get the sales team on message!

Novation Selling is committed to helping our clients by enabling their sales team to sell on value.  Using a customer-centric business value approach means going beyond how products and services work and operate.  Rather than having a sales force talk about features and benefits, our approach is to arm the sales team with consultative selling […]