Our Deliverables

Novation Selling Framework_1

Revenue Acceleration Framework

Novation Selling employs a framework approach to build a customized set of revenue acceleration strategies and deliverables.  The framework is straightforward and is circular.  It consists of:

Applying predictive analytics
Delivering workshops that address revenue acceleration optimization
Engage advisory services
Applying predictive analytics to measure outcomes

This 3-step framework is a closed-loop system that promotes process optimization.

Please reach out to one of our advisors to discuss what’s included in each step of our framework and deliverables.

Predictive Analytics Deliverables

Novation Selling leverages Objective Management Group, OMG, scientific and data-driven predictive analytics to provide roadmaps and return on investment predictions for:

Sales Environment Effectiveness and Improvement
Sales Team Performance
Professional Services Firm & Partner Revenue Acquisition
Leadership Team Growth
Checkpoint Reports


Novation Selling Workshop deliverables are designed to address optimization opportunities surfaced by the predictive analytics.  Deliverables include:

Buyer Process Facilitation
Consultative Selling
Customer Satisfaction
Goal Setting
Sales Process / Technology
Sales Management
Salesperson/ Sales Manager Onboarding
Sales Mind
Scientific Sales Talent Acquisition Routine
Vision Creation

Advisory Services

Novation Selling Advisory deliverables are designed to provide quick-start guidance for our client’s teams.  Our deliverables include:

Strategic Planning
Sales Playbooks
Perfect Customer & Buyer Persona Profiles
Sales Management/Coaching
Recruiting Support
Product Management Systems
Referral Network Design & Administration
Lead Generation Technology (Inbound & Outbound)
Economic Value Proposition