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“Grew by 75% since we started  working with Novation Selling 4 years ago”
“Our  sales team is measurably 35% stronger than before”
“We are now growing by more than 18% each year”
“Novation Selling has recruited 8 top performers for us in the last year”
“Working with Novation Selling, we closed the most profitable deal in the history of the company”
“We now have a predictable and repeatable sales process”

Scientific Sales Force Evaluations

Scientific Sales Talent Acquisition

Professional Sales Training & Coaching

OMG.CertifiedPartnersNovation Selling is an Objective Management Group certified partner.  Why? Because everything Objective Management Group does is based on science and data. OMG has assessed more than 1,000,000 salespeople and evaluated over 11,000 sales forces.

Lead Generation – Which Sources Convert to Sales?

Recently, I’ve been doing some consulting to help a company optimize their B2B lead generation program.  This company is a successful services firm currently struggling to meet their new customer acquisition growth goals.  Their questions were: Which lead generation activities convert into more sales? Are we investing in the right lead generation activities? How many […]

What Our Clients are Saying…

“The Novation Selling system has really shortened my sales cycle and has made a dramatic difference in the results I’ve gotten in my sales.”

President of Professional Services

“…I have a completely new perspective on the selling process…”

CEO, Microsoft Dynamics Partner

“…I will take this with me for the rest of my life…..”

VP, Commercial Landscaping

” …going to lead to more success and more comfort throughout the process…”

IT Services Sales Professional

“…challenge your sales methodology…”

Sales Professional

“…Ron is very communicative up front…”

CEO, Microsoft Dynamics Partner

“…rethinking, challenging our current sales methodology is a strength…”

CEO, Microsoft Dynamics Partner

“…every person should go through [Novation Selling training]…”

Sales Professional

“…getting from the like stage [with the client] to ‘I trust that guy’…”

Sales Professional
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