Perfect Client Profile

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Clients that work best with Novation Selling are companies and organizations that:

  • Sell products and services employing outside and inside direct sales, channel sales and indirect sales forces
  • Enjoy yearly sales revenues in the $5 million to $50 million range
  • Employ a sales force of 5 to 30 people, including sales managers, directors and vice presidents
  • Are making changes in their sales strategies, processes, technologies and people and want help
  • Have decided to invest in closing gaps between top-line revenue generation commitments and results
  • Incorporate continuous process improvement programs and partner with consultants
  • Plan to release new products and services and recognize the value of outsourcing business development projects
  • Participate in mergers and acquisitions for rapid growth and decide to fund sales force evaluations

At these clients, Novation Selling works best with the CEO, President, Owner and Vice President level decisionmakers.

Does your company fit into our wheelhouse? We look forward to discussing your unique reasons for wanting to improve your customer acquisition and revenue growth goals.

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Technology Industry

Software publishers, IT services providers, POS systems, system integrators, digital marketing agencies, business intelligence firms, ERP integrators

Financial and Insurance

Insurance, banking, mortgage, wealth management, financial advisors

B2B Distributing and Direct Sales

Security systems, fire systems, environmental supplies, training organizations, employee awards firms, consulting firms, marketing agencies, restaurant services, salon products, janitorial services, logo design firms, motivational products, agricultural products and services, logistics & supply chain, trucking


Landscaping, massage & therapy, real estate, irrigation, videography, home staging, window coverings, equipment rental, trucking repair services