What is the Single Biggest Differentiator Between Top and Bottom Salespeople?

What is the Single Biggest Differentiator Between Top and Bottom Salespeople?
Every profession has its small percentage of folks who simply aren’t very good at what they do. Take medicine for example, where some doctors are better than others, or law, where there are great attorneys and then, well, not so great attorneys. Similarly, your salesforce might have a diverse range of abilities. This raises a question; why do some people excel while others don’t?

Over the years, we’ve been able to observe and identify the single most influential attribute that every one of the best salespeople shares: the desire to be the best. This simple characteristic applies across every field and cannot be overstated.

Great salespeople want to improve and they make the changes to do so. Mediocre salespeople, on the other hand, are not willing to make the changes to become more effective. The mediocre folks are complacent and content with their adequacy, while the great salespeople strive for mastery. Those who are the best in their field all share this same common denominator of success: the desire and willingness to improve.

The data presented in this article clearly demonstrates that the best salespeople have twice the level of commitment to achieving greater sales success than their underachieving counterparts. Twice the commitment is twice the likeliness to succeed!

Any salesperson has the potential to learn and develop the skills to achieve greater sales success. However, you can’t just drop a complacent sales team into a training seminar and expect transformative results. The desire and willingness to improve are the most decisive characteristics in the equation. Only those who are committed enough to actually make the changes will be the ones to achieve greatness.

Material inspired by Dave Kurlan of Objective Management Group.

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