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Founded in 2009, we’re a certified sales development organization staffed by innovative strategists and creative problem solvers that build high performance sales teams for our clients. Novation Selling provides a comprehensive framework designed and proven to transform sales teams from ordinary to extraordinary.


Sales Performance Blog

How to send an effective Sales Email

As long as you have an email address, you are one of many who have fallen victim to the vast array of unsolicited emails that somebody, somewhere, believes are useful. As a recipient, you more than likely...

The Impact of Sales Training

Ready to give your sales team a boost? Sales training can be a great investment. However, be sure to approach your training and development process the right way. Take a look at the following article to...

Sales Motivation

Everybody is motivated by something. There is always some end result we’re ultimately seeking, whether our goal is to get in shape, get a promotion, or perhaps, to make a sale. Well, here we have...

#1 Greatest Obstacle to Closing More Sales

Every company is constantly questioning and researching why their salespeople don’t close more deals. They ask themselves all the big questions as they strive to improve their results. What skills...

Seven Powerful Exercises to Improve Your Sales Skills

You may be familiar with the old saying, “to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail.” And it’s true! No matter what it is you do, you need to practice to improve. So, how and what should...


Novation Selling is one of only 150 worldwide certified Objective Management Group Partners. Why? Because Objective Management Group's assessments and team evaluations have been utilized by two million participants in over 11,000 companies and are scientifically proven to be accurate and highly predictive.

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