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We are a group of sales professionals dedicated to helping clients achieve better results through our experience and learned best practices. Our approach delivers a comprehensive set of integrated solutions focused on the 4 components of a successful sales organization – Great people, Great processes, Great systems and Great strategies.

Our commitment: We work with you to replace status quo thinking with a clear direction, a focus on execution, a refusal to accept mediocrity and a commitment to consistent and predictable sales performance.

Novation Selling is a certified Objective Management Group partner. Objective Management Group's candidate assessments and sales evaluations have been utilized by almost 2,000,000 participants in over 11,000 companies, making them scientifically proven to be accurate and highly predictable.

Ron Silver

Ron Silver, Founder & CEO

Ron Silver, Founder and CEO has built 3 successful innovative companies of his own. His knowledge and passion for business development led him to create Novation Selling to share his knowhow with other like-minded business owners. With sales expertise in technology, manufacturing, distribution, and complex sales, Ron’s clients achieve high revenue growth, improved margins, develop stronger sales teams, and close business on a consistent and predictable basis.

Doug Wechsler

Doug Wechsler, VP Business Development

Doug has served on enterprise sales teams covering the top global accounts for Fortune 500 companies since 2007. Specializing in comprehensive workflow solutions for communications and production systems, he also managed major accounts in healthcare and financial markets. His ability to lead companies to success is based upon his focus and understanding of client needs and solid implementation strategies.

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