Critical Business Issues

How do you build an organization-wide coaching culture that drives business performance?

What has to happen to optimize your people’s potential to meet measurable business goals?

Does your management team have the coaching skills to improve sales team behaviors, motivation, and discipline with every day coaching?

Are you providing more than a typical evaluative performance review that gives feedback just a few times a year?

Do you have a buttoned up plan to build the single most competitive ability an organization can possess to meet business objectives?



Novation Selling’s Sales Management Training Program transforms the traditional role of a sales manager from being a boss to being a coach.

Using our comprehensive and proven sales management framework, sales managers will learn to provide evaluative performance reviews that offer daily developmental feedback directly linked to achieving business objectives through a company wide sales process.

Facilitating highly customized scenarios, sales managers practice the critical skills at the heart of Developmental Sales Coaching —“let them talk first.” In other words, instead of “telling” a salesperson what to do, a developmental coach uses a strategic process and questioning skills to help salespeople uncover obstacles and create solutions that they want to execute.


A smarter, more skilled sales team that can self-coach and independently meet business goals.

Productive and efficient sales managers with the ability to devote their time to critical priorities.

An organization-wide culture where feedback is sought and valued as an integral part of business.

Increased revenue and business performance due to superior time management, effective coaching, truly motivated people and overall top-notch effectiveness.


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