Critical Business Issues

How do you generate leads without the hassle of relentless cold calling, networking, and trade shows?

How do you attract new clients and get their attention when they are already overburdened?

What must you do to keep the pipeline full of new prospects?

How do you guarantee that your sales team will have meaningful and compelling conversations with new prospects each week?

How do you transition from an outdated cold calling methodology to a new more effective outreach plan?


We begin with identifying the number of new clients to acquire, the activity needed to acquire them, and the characteristics of your intended prospect.

We’ll work with you to identify your prospect’s compelling reasons to engage with you, then together we develop the questions you ask during your initial conversation.

Emails of the intended prospects are acquired, and an effective automated prospecting initiative is launched with compelling messaging.

You are immediately notifed of all prospects that respond favorably to your personalized email they received and you can respond promptly.


Cold calls become a thing of the past because your sales team reaches out only to those who have shown interest.

Your sales people will maintain a full funnel of new prospects every week.

Accuracy of sales forecasting dramatically improves because the prospects in the funnel are real.

Business intelligence developed from this outreach process continues to improve results for each campaign.

Your sales team becomes an efficient and predictable prospecting machine.


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