Why are Half of All Sales Reps Still Missing Quota in a Booming US Economy?

Around this time ten years ago, our economy was tanking.  I remember it well, and you probably do too.  During 2008 and 2009 more than half of all US sales reps were missing quota and considering the circumstances, that didn't seem to shock anyone. 
But now during the slow crawl back to respectability between 2010 and 2016, and soaring revenue during 2017-2018, the percentage of reps making quota has not only remained flat, but the percentage hasn't even returned to pre-2008 rates. 
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Over the next few weeks we will explain why and what you can do to correct this.
Here are the first 3 of 12 possible reasons – stay tuned for next week’s 3 and how to overcome those.
  1. As the market for sales candidates has dried up, companies are lowering their standards and hiring unproductive salespeople to keep territories staffed.
See the skills of the sales talent available by your industry and proximity – This  guided tour of the sales talent pool specific to your industry will be insightful.
Compare my industry and my people
  1. Only 14% of the bottom half of all salespeople have and/or follow a formal, structured sales process.  In other words, they wing it.
Evaluate your sales process.  Complimentary 30-minute session with a senior sale process specialist will guide you thru the process or you can do it yourself.
Request a consultation about your sales process with a certified advisor
DIY Tool - Sales Process Grader

  1. Sales DNA - In order to execute sales process, methodology, strategy and tactics, salespeople must have strong Sales DNA. The bottom half of all salespeople don't, as only 3% of them have Sales DNA that is strong enough to help them execute.
Evaluate your people –Find out if your people have the DNA needed to hit their numbers and how they stack up compared to others in your specific industry 
Evaluate your sales people (it's on us)  (go all the way to the bottom to get data on your people)

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